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At Fouad El-Watan BKR, our promise is to enable dreams and turn them into professional realities, we provide creative, professional solutions for assurance services and risk management. Deploying solutions to maximize returns and deliver quality advice.

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Core Values

Objectivity is our profession

We do not compromise the credibility of our solutions, opinions, or statements for any given reason;

our word is our name, and the Fouad El-Watan name is always objective. Our signature denotes a dependable word- professional, assertive, and reliable. We are the suits you want sitting on your side of the table.

A Thorough eye for detail

We pride ourselves for our attention to detail;

we notice the smallest detail in the most complex fine-print, and recognize every fraction in every number of any subject matter. With the ability to identify inconsistencies in any amount of data or information, we are able to handle companies of all complexities, from start-ups to established firms, all with the personalized eye for intricate detail.

Building trust requires confidence

We have been in this business for decades,

moving swiftly in close correspondence with the ethical code of conduct. Our partnerships are based on our ability to deliver, and the trust of our partners in us. We have absolute confidence in our vision, talent, knowledge, and team; we mirror that in our solutions.

Cultivating a transparent culture

We believe that creating and denoting a culture that is open, honest, and accountable is a prerequisite for a seamless workflow.

Cultivating a transparent company culture creates a flow of knowledge and productivity, and results in well-rounded, innovative solutions.

Our Services

Decades of experience taught us how to funnel our information into simplified steps to deploy tailored solutions for each specific case.

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Banking and Financial Institutions

Ahmed Fouad El-Watan

Senior Partner

More than three decades leading the firm, Ahmed Fouad El-Watan has brought Fouad El-Watan BKR- Consultants, Accountants, and Auditors to the foreground of the Professional Services industry. With hands-on experience in all aspects of the firm, Ahmed Fouad El-Watan created a school of thought and a ripple of success, leaving no problem unresolved.

Our Team

In a team comprised of people of initiative and ambition, the Fouad El-Watan team envisions a collective success, and is cohesively driving towards it. As drivers in the industry, each individual in the team has a specialized mission within the company, and works to fully deliver it.

Mohamed Zayed, ESSA

Audit & Assurance Partner
A forerunner who paved his own way into the industry, driving himself upwards from the smallest, novice firm, into the Big 4, and eventually making his way into the Fouad El-Watan management team, Zayed becomes the Head of Audit after 20 years of knowledge and experience across the industry. His development from general professional services to specialized Auditing services present him the opportunity and knowledge to be involved in any part of the process.

Prof Dr. Nabil Abd El-Raouf

Tax Service Partner
Pioneering taxation and accounting work for over 30 years, Nabil Abd El-Raouf is a standard-bearer among his peers and colleagues. Nabil is a Professor and Head of the Accounting Department at Sherouk Academy for undergraduate studies & a professor at Ain Shams University for postgraduate. He has earned a Ph. D and MSc from Ain Shams University. Nabil is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from the Egyptian Society for Accountants and Auditors (ESAA) and is certified by the Egyptian Accounting Syndicate. An active member in many Accountings and taxation Association inside and outside Egypt Nabil has several papers that are published in academic accounting & taxation journals, and are presented in academic and practitioners conferences. He has published in the Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation, Managerial Auditing Journal, Advances in Accounting. Nabil has Tax policymakers in Africa Organization African Tax Administration Form (ATAF) in South Africa, Kenya. So (GIZ)

Wael Nabil

Legal Service Partner
With over 150 Legal Services clients single-handedly managed, Nabil has the mind of an archive unit, carrying all company data and client information- organized, systemized, and with discretion. Ten years in the industry and a Master of Studies in Private Law prepare Nabil for his management position, as head of Legal Services in Fouad El- Watan BKR.

Mohamed El-Watan

Head of Special Assignments and Transaction Advisory
Mohamed Fouad El-Watan is the Head of Special Assignments & Transaction Advisory at Fouad El-Watan BKR International. He specializes in M&A structuring, multi-jurisdiction tax structures, dispute resolution, corporate restructuring, proxy board representations, and financial, tax, and legal due diligence and structuring assignments. With a depth of experience in transaction execution across non-banking financial services, Mohamed Fouad El-Watan has familiarity not limited to exposure to the healthcare, education, real estate and pharmaceutical industries. He earned his CPA from the State Board of California (AICPA), his Canadian Securities Certification from the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI), and his Certification in advanced corporate analysis & advanced valuation from the Euromoney Institute, he has completed advanced studies in advance international taxation from the IBFD. Mohamed is also an active instructor in corporate finance, Egyptian accounting standards and on M&A Tax issues, he is also a mentor with Egypt’s largest and oldest start up incubator/ accelerator AUC V-Labs, specializing in optimal legal and tax structures for start ups and startup valuations. He is currently enrolled to earn a degree in Law from Cairo University and holding a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.